Dental Emergencies: When To Call A Dentist

Mouth injuries are common among kids and adults and they bleed a lot. Many people rush to the emergency room, spending a lot of unnecessary money. Sometimes emergency room personnel can help, but after a long wait, many hospitals will turn you away to consult a dentist or bring one in to look at the injury. You can save yourself a lot of time and money if you know who to see in the right situation.

Broken Tooth

One of the most common injuries to teeth is breaking or chipping a tooth. In this instance, it is more important to call a dentist. An emergency room is not going to be able to help you and will likely just turn you away after giving you some pain medication. A dentist can help to either reattach the broken fragment or construct you a new tooth altogether.

Knocking a Tooth Out

Sometimes teeth are knocked out completely. Your reaction to this type of an injury depend on the type of tooth that has come out. If a baby tooth is knocked out, most dentists will just tell you to not worry about it. For permanent teeth, you must call a dentist. If at all possible, keep the tooth that was knocked out so you can bring it with you to your appointment. You should help the tooth avoid being dried out by placing it in a glass of milk. Placing the tooth in water is okay, but definitely not much better than letting it dry out. This way, a dentist can either try to reattach it or make a replica based off of your actual tooth.

Tooth Pain

There are many different reasons for having tooth pain. You should wait a few days to make sure that the pain isn't caused from some sort of ear or sinus infection, as these can cause tooth pain. If you experience any kind of swelling or extreme pain, call a dentist immediately. Also call if you are having any kind of difficulty breathing because of the pain. It is always best to consult a dentist because they have the equipment and expertise to diagnose a tooth infection. Usually, all it takes to clear this up is an antibiotic that your dentist can prescribe on the spot. They can also see if there is any sort of cracking in the tooth by taking an x-ray.

If you have a tooth problem and are unsure if you need to see a dentist, a quick phone call to somewhere like Dentistry Plus can help clear things up.