Energy Drinks And Teeth: Why Their Relationship Is Unhealthy

Today's society is all about moving quickly. In order to fuel this fast paced lifestyle, many people are turning to energy drinks to keep them going. Energy drinks may provide that extra boost, but it is also destroying your teeth at the same time.

Ingredients In Energy Drinks

All producers of beverages have their own special recipe. Beverages that boost energy have several ingredients in common. Caffeine, ginseng, sugar, amino acids, citric acid, and guarana are often found in these drinks. Alone and in tiny amounts, none of these items are bad for the body. 

Citric Acid Hurts Enamel

Citric acid is a natural product that is found in fruits such as lemons and limes. It is used in foods and beverages to keep them fresh. It also happens to be one of the biggest ingredients found in an energy drink. Citric acid is precisely that, an acid. Too much citric acid can have an adverse effect on a person's health. In large amounts, this ingredient can begin to eat away at the enamel on a tooth and cause irreparable harm. Once enamel is gone, it is extremely difficult to replace.

Sugar And Tooth Decay

Beverages that have been created to boost energy do not taste delicious on their own. Sugar is added in large amounts to these drinks to make them pleasant. Nutritionists around the world have claimed sugar is bad for the body for a long time. It can lead to numerous health conditions such as diabetes and obesity. It can also cause tooth decay. The ugly truth about sugar is that is can turn into plaque, which is what leads to tooth decay. Plaque forms a hard casing on a tooth and prevents the tooth from being thoroughly cleaned. In time, the tooth begins to crumble under all the plaque.

Dental Care

It is very important to understand that energy drinks are not good for the body, especially the teeth. Ideally, you should clean your mouth out with a cup of water after drinking just one energy drink. The water has the ability to neutralize the acid and wash it away from your mouth. Then, you should wait at least an hour before brushing your teeth. This will give the enamel on your teeth time to recover.

While consuming an energy drink once a week will not cause immense harm to the teeth, most people drink these every day. Cutting back or eliminating beverages stuffed full of acid and sugar will provide your teeth with a healthy future. Contact a professional like Struk Oleh Allan Dr for more information.