Three Ways To Make Your Family's Dental Routine More Fun

As a parent, you understand the importance that proper dental care plays in your child's health. While it's necessary that you help your child understand why caring for their teeth is so important, there's absolutely no reason that dental care can't be fun. Below are three ways to teach your children to enjoy caring for their teeth, as well as enjoy yourselves as a family.

Use a Rewards System

Proper dental care is about so much more than star charts and prizes, but for young children, it's pretty hard to get psyched about brushing and flossing. Why not take their dental routine up a notch by devising a rewards system that fits your family's style?

Some children are motivated simply by seeing stars or other fun stickers placed next to their names, but others are more motivated by the end result, and that's a prize. Whether the prize is a small trinket from the dollar store, or a fun date with just the child and you, make the prize appealing to their individual likes.  

Give Them Options

You know that a toothbrush is a toothbrush, but to a child who is all about finding their identity, a toothbrush can be another part of it. Bring your child for a special trip to the store to pick out their very own toothbrush and toothpaste.

When your child is struggling with sticking to the routine, remind them that they have their very own toothbrush that they picked out all by themselves. This simple reminder can go a long way in allowing your child to feel more independent. For some extra fun, allow them to pick out two or three toothbrushes. Then, they have the option of picking out a new one morning and night.

Model Proper Dental Care

While many children have fierce independent streaks, they also like to model after people they love and admire. Instill in your children the habit of proper dental care by showing them that you follow your own rules.

Do you insist that your children rinse out their mouths after having a sugary treat? Do the same, and your child may be more likely to follow your advice. Do you require that your child brush their teeth for a certain amount of time? Do it together while making funny faces in the mirror and just having fun—this will make the habit seem like less of a chore, and more like a mini date with your child.

Family dental hygiene doesn't have to be a chore. It's also a great opportunity to instill a love of dental health in your children, starting at a young age. Follow the fun tips listed above, or come up with your own. For more information, check out dentists such as Tyler Dental Artz root canals.