When Your Mouth Rebels Against Your Dentures: Solving This Dilemma

Many people must get dentures due to tooth decay, an accident or disease. After a time of adjustment, generally most dentures work well and improve the person's smile. On rare occasions, an individual may be allergic to the dentures and it is necessary to visit a denture clinic to remedy the problem.

Other Problems That Mimic an Allergic Reaction

Some people experience difficulties that make them wonder if they are allergic to the dentures. One problem is Candida; this results because the person wears dentures and it can cause stomatitis. Burning mouth syndrome is another condition that may mimic symptoms of an allergic reaction in your mouth. Physical trauma to the mouth can also cause various problems that resemble this type of reaction. These problems can easily be remedied by visiting a denture clinic and undergoing treatment for the condition.

Try a Natural Denture Cleansing Method

Before you visit your dentist, try another method to clean your dentures, such as soaking them in water with a couple of squirts of castile soap.  This is an effective way to clean the device. After 4 or 5 days, if your symptoms decrease, then it is likely that you were only allergic to one of the ingredients in the cleaning tablets. Some people are sensitive to the ingredient persulfate that is found in most dental cleaning tablets. It can cause allergy type symptoms, such as a rash, tender gums, hives or irritated gums. More serious allergic reactions are low blood pressure or problems breathing. The porous denture material can absorb the persulfate; therefore, even if you rinse your dentures thoroughly before placing them in your mouth, a miniscule amount remains. Another effective way to clean your dentures is to use mild toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Symptoms of an Allergic Reaction to Your Dentures

The symptoms of an allergic reaction vary greatly. Typically, the problem is caused by the colouring agent or the type of resin used to form the device. The symptoms can include a rash, difficulty breathing, swelling of the gums or throat and general malaise. Mouth pain, dizziness, a dry mouth and even blurred vision are other symptoms that may occur.  Notate when the discomfort occurs, if it is generally within an hour or two of inserting your dentures, an allergic reaction to the dentures may be the cause.

If your denture clinic determines that you are experiencing this rare condition, they can provide you with dentures made of clear acrylic resin. Regardless of the cause of your discomfort, it is always wise to see the advice of a professional (such as one from Community Denture Centre) for an ongoing problem.