Partial Dentures May Be a Balanced Solution

Whether you have a hereditary trend of poor tooth alignment or haven't been taking care of your teeth for a while (or a combination of both issues), the prospect of dentures may cross your mind. If you act early, you don't have to get a full set of dentures; partial dentures are a viable option if you only need to remove a few problematic teeth. Consider a few circumstances that partial dentures could help with, along with other options when necessary.

Save as Many Teeth as Possible

Dentures are an amazing way to recover the convenient biting, chewing, and general good look of a smile, but they're no replacement for real, healthy teeth. While you're thinking about dentures, make sure to consult a dental professional to get an assessment of your existing teeth. You want to preserve as many of your existing teeth as possible to keep as much of your original chewing potential in place without the trouble of tooth replacement.

You don't have to remove all of your old teeth just to have partial dentures in place. In fact, having existing teeth can make partial dentures an easier installation, as the partials can be bonded to your real teeth for a more secure setting.

A dental professional can examine your existing teeth and create a map of what once was in place, especially if your bad teeth are still in place. The structure of the teeth to be removed can be mapped with dental software and replicated by dental implant technicians using a variety of different materials, such as gold, porcelain, or acrylics.

Once mapped, these teeth are more likely to fit in place and give a natural feeling. Many partial denture users experience a bit of a foreign tooth feeling, but the feeling is often compared to that of having permanent adult teeth move into place after baby teeth fall out.

Do You Have Another Set of Teeth?

Although some genetic conditions can cause weak tooth development or awkward tooth positioning, you could simply have a set of teeth that didn't fall out and a secondary set waiting to move into place.

If these teeth are unable to emerge from the gums, they can be used to model a partial denture replacement that fits your mouth better. The subtle nuances of natural teeth become much easier to model with an in-tact example to work with.

People who have not received regular dental care or dental scans may not even know that their secondary set of teeth are still beneath the gum line due to delayed tooth eruption. It isn't always a painful sensation and the person's gums may be large enough that the teeth are not noticeable.

Contact a denture professional like Calgary Amery Denture Centres to plan on partial denture replacements or fix what you have in place.