What To Expect When Your Child Chips Or Breaks A Tooth

When your child has suffered a facial injury that results in chipped or broken teeth, you may be on the verge of panicking. Broken teeth, though often not serious, require immediate dental care to reduce the damages and assess the injury. Because damage to teeth can cause issues in the underlying gums and bone, you should make an appointment for your child to see a dentist as soon as possible. But before you go with your child to the dentist, there are a few things to expect. [Read More]

When Your Mouth Rebels Against Your Dentures: Solving This Dilemma

Many people must get dentures due to tooth decay, an accident or disease. After a time of adjustment, generally most dentures work well and improve the person's smile. On rare occasions, an individual may be allergic to the dentures and it is necessary to visit a denture clinic to remedy the problem. Other Problems That Mimic an Allergic Reaction Some people experience difficulties that make them wonder if they are allergic to the dentures. [Read More]

Three Ways To Make Your Family's Dental Routine More Fun

As a parent, you understand the importance that proper dental care plays in your child's health. While it's necessary that you help your child understand why caring for their teeth is so important, there's absolutely no reason that dental care can't be fun. Below are three ways to teach your children to enjoy caring for their teeth, as well as enjoy yourselves as a family. Use a Rewards System Proper dental care is about so much more than star charts and prizes, but for young children, it's pretty hard to get psyched about brushing and flossing. [Read More]

Dental Health – Truths And Myths

No matter how well you clean your teeth and how often you visit the dentist, you may still not be fully aware of the difference between dental truths and myths. Some people are not brushing correctly, even though they believe they are. Others do their best to stay away from foods that cause bacteria and plaque, without really knowing all the foods that are included in that category. By clearing up some misconceptions and providing you with some well established facts, this article will make you wiser about your teeth and thereby become better equipped to care for them. [Read More]