2 Unique Toothbrushes That Can Make Brushing More Fun For Adults

Even if you don't mind brushing your teeth several times each day, you may not find it fun. Brushing your teeth is something you likely try to make fun for your children, but you likely have never expected fun out of it as an adult just trying to clean your teeth. However, who doesn't enjoy (and deserve) a little extra fun during a task they perform a few times each day? [Read More]

Have A Dental Cavity? Understanding The Different Fillings Available

If you have a dental cavity, your dentist is going to tell you it needs to have a filling to prevent further tooth decay. As dentistry has advanced, different materials have been used as dental fillings. Your dentist may prefer one type and only offer that, or you may be given the option of which filling you like. However, before making a choice, make sure that your insurance will cover it, or be prepared to pay for it on your own. [Read More]

3 Ways To Know Whether Veneers Are Right For You

If you're less than pleased with the appearance of your teeth, you may have considered veneers. Veneers can be an excellent option for a number of people, but they aren't right for everyone. Below are listed three ways to know whether veneers may be an option for you. You've Exhausted All Other Options The options available to you will depend on the issues you're hoping to repair, but only after you've explored all options can you be sure that veneers are right for you. [Read More]

Partial Dentures May Be a Balanced Solution

Whether you have a hereditary trend of poor tooth alignment or haven't been taking care of your teeth for a while (or a combination of both issues), the prospect of dentures may cross your mind. If you act early, you don't have to get a full set of dentures; partial dentures are a viable option if you only need to remove a few problematic teeth. Consider a few circumstances that partial dentures could help with, along with other options when necessary. [Read More]