Instiling Good Dental Habits In Your Child With Asperger's

If your child has Asperger's, then you will want to take extra steps to help make oral care easier on them. By instilling dental habits that can be done in a simple manner, you will be ensuring your child will grow up with an increased chance of having healthy teeth. The information detailed below will help you get your child to take care of their teeth and go to dental appointments without a lot of anxiety. [Read More]

Aging And Jawbone Loss: 4 Reasons Why Your Oral Bones Might Be Deteriorating

Your body goes through a multitude of changes as you age. However, some changes are less noticeable than others. Take your jawbone, for example. Like many other bones in your body, your jawbone changes over time, which can alter your appearance, your eating habits and maybe even your health. If you have certain conditions, such as tooth loss, your bones might even deteriorate at a faster rate. Following are four things that might make your oral bones deteriorate prematurely. [Read More]

2 Unique Toothbrushes That Can Make Brushing More Fun For Adults

Even if you don't mind brushing your teeth several times each day, you may not find it fun. Brushing your teeth is something you likely try to make fun for your children, but you likely have never expected fun out of it as an adult just trying to clean your teeth. However, who doesn't enjoy (and deserve) a little extra fun during a task they perform a few times each day? [Read More]

Have A Dental Cavity? Understanding The Different Fillings Available

If you have a dental cavity, your dentist is going to tell you it needs to have a filling to prevent further tooth decay. As dentistry has advanced, different materials have been used as dental fillings. Your dentist may prefer one type and only offer that, or you may be given the option of which filling you like. However, before making a choice, make sure that your insurance will cover it, or be prepared to pay for it on your own. [Read More]