3 Tips For Getting Rid Of Dental Pain At Home

When it comes to dealing with dental pain, this is something you want to get rid of quickly. Whether you woke up with an aching tooth or you've been dealing with it for a couple days, you will want to get the tooth examined by a dentist. However, you may to wait to get in to see your dental provider–this means using some home methods to help you decrease dental pain. [Read More]

Why Do I Keep Getting Cavities? How Overzealous Brushing Habits Can Hinder Your Health

It can be frustrating to go to your regular six-month dental checkup and find out that you have to get some cavities filled. However, it can be even more frustrating to hear this news if you have stellar brushing habits. Believe it or not, you can be too overzealous with brushing. Take a look at some common brushing culprits to see if you can make any adjustments before your next appointment. [Read More]